Summer holidays - BBQs, fries, beer and wine, ice-cream and cake. Going out with friends and having a big dinner with family. Such a great and fun time. While you are enjoying this time, your body will start to let you know that it needs a break. You may feel sluggish and bloated, with low energy, or maybe you even gain extra weight. This is the first signal that your body is full of toxins. Removing toxins from your body is one of the most important things you can do for maintaining optimal health and energy levels, or losing body fat (if that’s what you want). 

Starting the year with a detox is a great way to reboot your system, revitalise your body, and feel renewed for the year ahead...

A detox doesn’t always mean a rigorous diet, juice fast, or ingesting a combination of nauseating herbs. You can detox through yoga too, with a practice that’ll leave you feeling cleaner on the inside and more energetic on the outside.

According to a study, you can help boost your detox functions by practicing cleansing yoga sequences and following a simple plant-based diet during a multi-day detox plan.

Yoga poses like the ones suggested here can help support the natural detoxification process by increasing circulation, compressing and twisting internal organs and encouraging relaxation.

These poses usually consist of a variety of twisting poses and prone poses.

1. Twists

Isolate and compress digestive organs to squeeze them.



2. Inversions

Aid in flushing your system, as it removes stagnant blood flow, toxins, and obstructions throughout the entire body, while rejuvenating the mind.



3. Prone poses

Provide a nice stretch to the navel region and aid in detoxification by massaging this vital area of the body, increasing blood flow and removing obstructions.


However, doing only certain yoga poses from time to time might not help detoxify organs. 

Consistent yoga practice leads to self-awareness, mindfulness, acceptance and compassion. You will gravitate towards healthier living habits if you consider yoga seriously. Yoga is great to get a good workout, sweat and boost metabolism.

Here are also some of the benefits of yoga for detox:

  • Increased energy and vitality.
  • Restored hormonal balance.  
  • Improved deep sleep. 
  • Glowing skin and shiny hair.
  • Better respiratory function.
  • Improved digestion and purification.
  • Reduced body fat and cholesterol levels
  • Stronger immune system.
  • Feeling amazing every day.

I hope this post will inspire and motivate you to become the happiest, healthiest and most fabulous version of yourself in 2018.